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AI is (un)teaching humans surprising things about innovation itself



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Thomas specializes in analyzing innovation  (both in the market and within companies) from a quantitative point of view

Ducera Partners

Chief Technologist

Ducera Partners is a financial services firm that leverages AI to disrupt traditional investment banking, with specialities including venture capital, M&A, corporate restructuring, liability management and complex transactions. Since its founding in 2015 the firm has exceeded $750 billion in deal volume 


WR Hambrecht + Co

Chief Technology Officer

For more than 50 years WR Hambrecht + Co and its predecessor, Hambrecht & Quist, have provided early growth capital to more than 500 companies including Apple, Amazon and Google

Growth Science Ventures

Managing Partner

Growth Science Ventures is a venture capital firm that builds bespoke, specialized funds for unique investors with complex strategic needs

In Addition

Thomas has helped guide billions of dollars in growth and innovation efforts worldwide and has served on Boards of Directors for multiple publicly traded, private and nonprofit organizations


Formerly, he used data science to guide innovation efforts at Intel and led research at Harvard with Professor Clayton Christensen to develop predictive models for disruptive innovation. He also helped found a business in the high performance computing industry that was acquired. Thomas holds a BA, MBA, Juris Doctor and was a Fellow at the Harvard Business School

Having lived in Honduras, Bolivia, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Australia, Panama and New Zealand, Thomas believes innovation decision making is a critical but misunderstood key to improving social wellbeing worldwide



Thomas enjoys sharing and learning with top global innovators

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