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Partner, Chief Technology Officer

For more than a decade Thomas has worked with renowned investor William Hambrecht in using MESE® to find and fund disruptive growth companies.


Creator/Developer, MESE®

The MESE® computing system provides unique insights into businesses that disclose little or no public data about their financial or commercial status. Since 2008 it has helped guide billions of dollars in venture capital, innovation, M&A and related growth initiatives.

Formerly, Thomas used data science to guide growth investments at Intel and led a joint R&D effort at the Harvard Business School with Professor Clayton Christensen to develop predictive statistical models for early stage innovation. He also helped found a business in the high performance computing industry that was acquired. 


Thomas is a global evangelist for using data science to improve innovation decisions. Growing up in Honduras, Bolivia, India, Nepal and Indonesia, he believes innovation decision making is one of the most far-reaching and poorly understood determinants of social wellbeing. 

He engages audiences of all sizes at international conferences, industry and executive events, keynote addresses and boardroom forums.


Popular speaking topics include:

  • Using data science to guide innovation decisions

  • How to predict if a new business will survive or fail

  • Debunking innovation myths with data (and why that's a good thing)  

  • Statistical portfolio management for growth innovators

Key audiences:

  • Board and C-suites

  • Innovation Leaders

  • Financial professionals and risk managers

  • Government and development agencies


"The man who knows whether any start up will live or die."



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